Meghan is based in Newport, Rhode Island, and has photographed weddings from New England and California to international destinations. 

With a formal background in 35mm film photography, darkroom processing and printmaking, formal studies at two New England universities, Universit√© d'Angers in France and continued coursework at RISD, Meghan began shooting digitally in 2003. Her work has appeared on countless digital platforms, and in dozens of magazines, books, TV commercials, and advertising around the world.  

"The excitement of being surrounded by new people and places, new traditions, and all of the thoughtful, personal details that pull a wedding day together have become a major source of inspiration for me. I am constantly in awe over the fresh ideas and unforgettable moments that come from these experiences. 

I am grateful to be part of one of the happiest days of my couples' lives and love that they share their adventures with me." 

To view Meghan's editorial work, interior, lifestyle, and other photography assignments, please visit her sister site: